Join the CardCorps

Why Join the CardCorps?

The CardCorps allows pioneering supporters of our quest for sustainable manufacturing to get involved. Members have the first access to information on upcoming releases and opportunities to be the first to own our products.


With your support, we can continue working tirelessly to provide high-quality, low-cost products.


Join us at the forefront of change.

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CardCorps Membership Includes:

A Limited Edition Balance Bike

The very first product manufactured by Cardboard Technologies. This will arrive numbered & signed by Inventor and Co-Founder – Izhar Gafni.

A Certificate of Authenticity

Bearing the serial number of your Balance Bike and certifying your membership in the CardCorps.

A Second Balance Bike

Available with the 2019 commercial series, you will be provided with the opportunity to keep it or make a donation to one of our partnered orphanages around the world.

A Letter of our Sincere Gratitude and Appreciation

Signed by the company’s founders, thanking you as a truly pioneering supporter and as an ambassador of our faith.

What Happens Once I Join?

Step 1:


Your order will be processed and you will receive a confirmation email verifying your information.


You will receive a welcome email from the Cardboard Team, followed by a personal letter from our founders expressing our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your commitment to our cause.


Time: Up to 7 days

Step 2:


We ship your First Edition Cardboard Balance Bike and Certificate of Authenticity.


Your Bike’s Serial Number will double as your CardCorps Membership number.


Time: Up to 6 months (January 2019 target)

Step 3:


We ship your second Balance Bike either to your address, or if you choose, to one of our partnered orphanages around the world.


Time: 3 months after First Edition ships (March 2019 target)

Step 4:


Be the first to know about and own our upcoming products.


Enjoy the cardboard in entirely new ways!