The Cardboard Balance Bike

Balance Bike 2018 - FR (White)


The Cardboard Balance Bike was intentionally designed to be lightweight, durable, affordable, recycled, and recyclable. It is a significant upgrade over the metal, plastic, or wooden balance bikes available on the market today.


During our creation process, we began to realize the impact of “the first” in everything we do. Experiences such as our first bike can have an enormous influence on our memories and relationships. That’s why we at Cardboard Technologies strive to link these “firsts” with green production, education, awareness, quality, pricing, and fun.


Our unique technology combines practicality with the cultivation of ideals. By starting early, we can work together to help foster active behaviour, a spirit of innovation, and environmental awareness in the next generation.


The Balance Bike is, at its core, an educational toy. From assembly, where children learn how to create, to its use, when children are taught how to balance, riding the Balance Bike helps improve crucial abilities, such as your child’s motor skills, coordination, and self confidence.


Cycling is also a healthy outdoor activity, it disconnects kids from screens, and reconnects them with family and friends.


The Balance Bike provides the perfect way for parents to introduce the concepts of Cycling, Recycling, and Sustainability in an easy to understand manner, and through a simple, fun, shared experience.

Balance Bike 2018 - FR (White)


The Cardboard Balance Bike is an eco-friendly product. We use its sustainability to spread awareness about the need for environmentally friendly and recyclable products. By creating a toy that is both recycled and recyclable, we are contributing to the creation of a sustainable, circular economy.


As with many of our products, we hope the Balance Bike instills the notion of “restoring nature” by bonding the concept of sustainability to the realization of clean transportation.

Weight Advantage

Weighing in at 2.5kg (~5lbs), the Cardboard Balance Bike is designed to be the lightest on the market.


So, when you reach the bottom of a hill and the Balance Bike has to be carried to the top, the climb is no harder than it should be. Indeed, while most products are too heavy for your child to carry themselves, leaving you, the parent, to haul it up, the Cardboard Balance Bike is so light that your child can carry it themselves, improving their independence and self-confidence.

Balance Bike 2018 - Front (White)

Durability and Safety

Our Balance Bike, has undergone extensive testing to guarantee the highest quality. Categorized as a toy, it has received all European EN-71  and Canadian ANAB approvals for kids’ room safety regulations (view them here).


But we didn’t stop there, the Balance Bike has also completed mechanical testing designed for full-sized bikes. So parents rest assured, your children will get only the best.


The Cardboard Balance Bike is expected to retail at $49-59 beginning in early 2019.


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